Suitable for: Bell furnace


Reels are a type of equipment that is used to treat wires and wire rods in so-called bell furnaces.

The reels, in detail, are supports on which the skeins of steel wire are loaded which must then undergo the wire drawing process, which involves a continuous shrinking of the wire inside the die and for which the heat-treatment called “annealing” is required: the steel wire skein is placed on the reels, with them it is inserted into the furnace and heated to reach the optimal characteristics of malleability and hardness, and then finally extracted from the furnace, always supported by the reels. After one or more wire drawing stages, the wire – supported by the reels – is heated again to be brought back to its ideal mechanical characteristics.

Due to the continuous movement between the inside and outside of the furnace, the reels are subject to heating and cooling cycles which, in the long run, affect their duration. For this reason, they are built with high temperature resistant steel in both laminated and casting/microcasting versions.

Our staff provides different types of reels depending on the type of furnace with which the heat-treatment is carried out, the size of the coil of the wire to be treated and, sometimes, the need to overlap the reels in the furnace.