Suitable for: Pit furnace


Vertical loading equipment is a particular variant of compound equipment, which is used inside pit furnaces, generally easier to use.

This is hoisted, lowered from above and inserted into the bottom of the furnace, and can be composed of grids, radial patterns and columns. Although this type of equipment lends itself to the heat-treatment of each mechanical part, often the parts treated inside the pit furnaces are very long (for example bars or shafts), and require a vertical load. This equipment is therefore the ideal solution in this specific circumstance.

Tecnoalloy can design and produce vertical loading equipment starting from the customer’s requirements and considering the characteristics of the furnace to be used and the parts to be treated, to best meet the customers’ needs and offer a truly competitive, highly performing, and long-lasting product over time.

Furthermore, since the vertical loading equipment is part of the lifting equipment, Tecnoalloy provides the regular certification.