Tecnoalloy was founded in 1988 to design and manufacture fire-resistant steel products, characterised by a high nickel content and intended for use in the heat-treatment and high temperatures sector.

At Tecnoalloy, we employ designers and builders with over 30 years of experience and the best construction technologies, consolidated in the field over years of continuous practical checks.
Tecnoalloy’s main trump card is its ability to provide a “turnkey” product, custom designed following the customer’s precise needs. For this, we have always dedicated a large part of our energy to the design of equipment. Since 1996 we have been using 3D CAD programmes in our design routine, which we have then implemented since 2000 with the FEA/FEM simulation system and, since 2007, with 3D printers for rapid prototyping.
It is thanks to these types of programmes that we are able to concretely show our customers the operation of the designed equipment, which is useful for optimising processes, performance and for verifying compliance with safety regulations.

The production makes use of motivated and highly qualified operators, designers and builders, who have over 30 years of experience in the field, who base their work on continuous practical checks and use the most advanced construction and design technologies.
These include plasma and MIG/TIG welding systems and WaterJet technology for metal cutting. The latter, in particular, has been introduced into our working process since 2000: the intent was to choose a cutting tool that did not cause transformations in the processed metals, allowing for better performance during heat-treatment.

Our determination and perseverance in wanting to offer quality items, capable of guaranteeing our customers the highest production efficiency and the best duration, has allowed us to carve out for ourselves, in more than thirty years of activity, a consistent slice of the market both in Italy and abroad, as well as acquiring experience that makes us reliable, capable and almost unique partners in the heat-treatment sector.

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