We have over thirty years of experience in the metallurgical sector in relation to heat-treatment, which allows us to guarantee our customers a close collaboration in order to meet all their needs, starting from the specific needs of each and every one.

In particular, our staff, in addition to designing and manufacturing loading equipment and spare parts for heat-treatment furnaces, supports the manufacturers of industrial furnaces in the design and creation from scratch, or starting from a design which has already been made, of the various components, equipment and spare parts necessary for the operation of the furnaces.

Furthermore, we offer advice and ideas aimed at improving the performance of the various components, as well as the certification and the instruction manual for all transport and lifting equipment designed and built, so that they comply with all the safety standards required by law.

Finally, we commit to repairing the metal components of industrial furnaces, designing and replacing the parts which inevitably get damaged and wear out over the long term due to the continuous thermal shocks to which they are subjected.

Our mission is to design and produce equipment and spare parts that guarantee the highest performance in terms of quality, maximum resistance and therefore lifespan, while maintaining an absolutely competitive price on the market.

We manufacture components for industrial furnaces which are characterised by lightness and long life, in order to absorb the cost over the years. They are also designed so as to be able to load as many parts as possible, paying particular attention not to deform them during heat-treatment.

As well as equipment and spare parts for industrial furnaces, we are also able to design, build and repair components for sandblasters, made with manganese steel to ensure long life and good performance.