The shafts or supports are used to support the grids or the parts loaded inside the furnace. Usually, they are used inside the hearth bogie type furnaces.

Thanks to the shafts we can:

  • keep the parts to be treated separate from the grid or the base of the furnace
  • facilitate the removal of the part from the furnace by the appropriate tool (pusher machine)
  • ensure the same spacing between the various parts which must undergo heat treatment (such as, for example, steel bars)
  • facilitate the distribution of heat inside the furnace

The shafts must be studied and made ad hoc depending on the type of furnace and pusher machine used, as well as the type of part to be treated.

The shafts are generally produced through a casting process and then assembled differently depending on the use for which they are intended.

Tecnoalloy is proud to boast its exclusivity at national level with regard to the shafts made with the microcasting technique, which allows it to guarantee an exceptional intrinsic quality. Furthermore, our staff is able to size the shaft in the most correct and effective way possible, ensuring the customer energy savings in the heating phase and, at the same time, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of duration. Thanks to our experience, we are able to design and build optimal, long-lasting, light- weight and effective shafts.