The metal components found inside the heat treatment furnaces must be periodically replaced, since they are constantly subjected to very high temperatures and corrosion.

Tecnoalloy, thanks to its thirty years of experience in the sector, its in-depth knowledge in the field of high temperature steels, the use of cutting-edge machinery as well as advanced construction systems, is able to supply spare parts for all types of oven making them performing and lasting over time.
In fact, it is essential that spare parts – as well as equipment – guarantee the longest possible duration and best performance to avoid economic waste.

We are able to autonomously create any spare part, as well as design it in collaboration with oven manufacturers and end-user customers, managing to satisfy every specific need, starting from the original design of the piece or through the on-site detection of measurements and technical data of the components to be replaced. In case of need, we can provide our advice to optimize certain problems detected on the original piece in order to obtain a more performing spare part.

Among the different types of spare parts we supply we can list the muffles, the fans, the radiant tubes, the internal doors, chains and chain guides, lids and retorts for pit furnaces, rotating retorts, the retorts for generators, the boilers, the liners, the bases and the deflectors.

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