Among the different products that we design and manufacture, all types of loading equipment and metal components are included that are used to transport and position the pieces to be heat treated inside the industrial ovens, from grids to aspi , up to calaggi and baskets .

The equipment can be designed and built from scratch by our staff or built on the basis of a specific project provided by the customer. Our goal is to ensure excellent performance and maximum possible duration.

The optimal quality of the equipment is fundamental in heat treatment, since their weight, their structure, the distribution and positioning of the loaded pieces influence their heating, subsequent cooling and, in general, their success. of the thermal process.

All Tecnoalloy brand equipment, produced with specific high temperature resistant steels , cast or semi-finished, can boast a long life – thus amortizing the initial cost – lightness in terms of weight – in order to guarantee a greater net charge to be treated and a considerable energy saving – capacity to load more pieces – with the relative economic advantage that derives from it – avoiding deformations – so as to minimize production waste.

In the event that, according to the current safety regulations, the loading equipment is identifiable as “Lifting equipment”, Tecnoalloy is able to provide the appropriate certification , complete with the relative manual of use.

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