The treatment specialists are among the main customers who turn to Tecnoalloy for the purchase of equipment and spare parts. The treatment specialists, in fact, take care of providing the heat treatment service for those companies that do not have a department dedicated to this function in their production process : Tecnoalloy is able to satisfy every need in this area , even the most particular needs and the most specific requests.

Among the processes most frequently offered by treatment specialists, we point out: heat and thermochemical treatments in vacuum (which ensure optimal control of the cooling curve), heat treatments and thermochemicals in a controlled atmosphere (such as carburizing or carbonitriding), selective hardening (capable of limiting the weakening and deformation processes of steel while maintaining its main characteristics and intrinsic resistance ), thermal deburring (to be applied in processes such as milling, turning, die casting and broaching) and other complementary processes (such as straightening and deoxidation at neutral pH).

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